2021 CEO Report

April 14, 2022

Dear Members,

Who could have, and would have, predicted that our communities, businesses and lifestyles would still be impacted by COVID in 2022? And yet here we are!

After being in ‘lockdown’ for 83 days in 2020, we were closed by Government Order for 109 days in 2021. That’s almost a third of our 2021 trading year.  It’s also worth noting that the ‘fringe periods’ around each lockdown had a negative financial impact as customers went into their own version of lockdown and didn’t leave home. Additionally, the Club, once again had an increase in cleaning expenses as we complied with NSW Health Department directives and, to make matters that little bit more challenging, there was a significant reduction ($623,872 year-on-year) in the level of financial support provided by Governments during the 2021 lockdown period. Even as I’m writing this report there are growing case numbers of the latest COVID variant (BA2), with Forestville being noted as having particularly high levels of infection. It seems COVID will be with us all for some time yet.

Notwithstanding the obvious difficulties we faced, the club delivered a sound financial result for the year.  We were able to achieve this due to a strict and consistent focus on business expenses. A Net Profit After Tax result of $180,756 needs to be overlaid against the Government support received of  $197,628, which translates into a ‘neutral’ financial result. Interestingly, our year could be adequately described as having twelve months of expenses, and only nine months of revenue.

On behalf of the Executive Leadership Team and staff I’d like to thank Bill Hardman OAM and our diligent Board of Directors for their unwavering support, encouragement, and guidance during another disrupted trading year. Once again, the Board were faced with a difficult, and at times uncertain, business environment but always remained focused on the best interests of all members.

So too, our sincere thanks to our staff for their dedication, perseverance and understanding as we sought to improve the overall customer experience yet again this year.  I’m proud of their efforts in this regard and the feedback by customers has been positive. In 2022 we are looking at investing further in the quality of our engagement with members and guests through enhanced training programs and employee recognition and rewards.

The RSL sub-Branch is at the heart of our club. It represents our origins and continues to play a vital role in the operation of the business.  Very ably led by Bob Lunnon and his hard-working Committee, the relationship that exists between our RSL veterans and the Club is strong and mutually- beneficial, and we thank them for all their hard work.

Finally, thank you to all of you, the members, who continue to support the business and in doing so, the community. We have plans in place that are targeted at making Forestville RSL Club your hospitality venue of choice.

See you at the Club.

Ian Thomson

Chief Executive Officer