Asian Restaurant

June 11, 2020

Dear Members & Guests,

Some months ago we proudly announced that the club and the new caterers would, jointly, redevelop the“View Room” into an Asian-themed restaurant.

As happens with renovations there was much more involved in this redevelopment than originally anticipated.  This was particularly so given the age of most of the infrastructure involved.  The forced closure of the club for ten weeks due to the COVID-19 crisis also massively disrupted the renovation plans.  

After further discussions with Lam & Co, the club’s caterers, I am pleased to be able to re-confirm that the new restaurant will go ahead. In the last week of May we installed a new air-conditioning unit to service the restaurant.  We also have some new, kitchen equipment being shipped from overseas.  Obviously, the closure of all international borders has de-railed the delivery of this equipment. So while progress has been slower than desired, we have been working behind the scenes to get the new restaurant open.

When will the restaurant be open?  The uncertainty around COVID-19 restrictions means that it is impossible to accurately predict when we will host our first guests.   For the time being please enjoy some of the concept drawings which will provide you with a taste of the new restaurant style and layout.

Please be assured that as soon as we have some more news on the new restaurant, we will inform you via email and the club’s new, more user-friendly website.


Club Management