2020 CEO Report

October 11, 2021

As our President notes in his report, what a year! The global pandemic changed the lives of every Australian, in a multitude of ways. At the time of writing, we are still subject to lifestyle and business restrictions and deal every day with the risk of further COVID outbreaks.

Among the more obvious impacts on our club as a result of COVID were two forced closures and an increase in operational costs that came as a consequence of properly dealing with relevant health regulations, and ensuring the safety of members, guests and the wider community.  We are proud to say that our staff were outstanding in their dedication and vigilance in ensuring the club premises were kept clean and safe at all times. Thanks to you too, our members, for the understanding way that you dealt with the almost daily changes to the club’s operations.

Around all that disruption we have continued to grow and evolve as a club and business.  An expanded Pickets continues to draw new families and visitors to the club, and it is very pleasing to see an increased number of birthday parties and other family celebrations held in this delightful, alfresco area.  Worthy of special note is that we held our first wedding on Pickets during the year.

An important part of our Strategic Plan relates to a further diversification of the club’s revenues, away from a reliance on gaming.  We are working hard behind the scenes in this key area and expect to see some real change in the second half of 2021.

Notwithstanding the support offered by all levels of government, the financial result for 2020 was pleasing.  A net profit after tax of $427,762 for 2020 was a significant lift from the 2019 result. That said, with the continued uncertainty regarding when the COVID pandemic will finally end, coupled with the winding back of the Federal Government’s various stimulus packages, we remain cautious and continue to closely manage the club’s finances.

People are at the heart of our business and we have worked hard at improving the recruitment and retention of key, new staff throughout the year. To the new and existing staff, a huge ‘thank you’ for the unwavering support you have delivered through many new and uncertain circumstances and situations. It is true that you are the public face of our business and I believe that, collectively, you have done an excellent job at presenting our club as a friendly, safe and accommodating hospitality venue for all members and guests.


I too would like to acknowledge the considerable contribution by our out-going Club President, Bill Shields. Bill stepped into the role as President at a very difficult time and led the club out of that turmoil with courage and a steady hand. As in-coming President we are very fortunate to have a person of the calibre of Bill Hard man OAM to takeover.  Bill’s vast corporate and Board experience, coupled with an education in Law and Accountancy, makes him the perfect fit for a club seeking growth and new horizons, such as ours. To the entire Board of Directors, a very hearty thank you for your support, guidance, openness and honesty.

Sincere thanks to Bob Lunnon and the hard-working Committee members that make up the club’s sub-Branch. Their friendship, loyalty and positive attitude make ours a productive and worthwhile partnership that benefits club members and the community.

Finally, thank you to all our members and guests who attended the club during the year and availed themselves of our hospitality.  Without you, we have no business.  With your continued support our club will continue to be at the very heart of our community.

See you at the Club!

Ian Thomson

Chief Executive Officer